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We leverage industry best practices and leading technologies as a foundation for companies to alter their future.  However, we take an individual approach to your business and help you apply prescriptive solutions that meet your business' needs.

We recognize that multiple groups of stakeholders must align to achieve your growth goals. Our services deliver value across the following:


  • Gain relevant insight into the operating health of portfolio companies

  • Assess successful operating behaviors across your portfolio

  • Institute corporate governance and mitigate risk

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Executive Management

  • Ensure strategic alignment

  • Real-time access to KPIs

  • Drive accountability

  • Augment decision support with predictive analytics

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  • Focuses attention on near-term priorities 

  • Understand how you impact strategy

  • Collaborate with management on progress against quarterly objectives

Our passion is deeply understanding you and your business in order to best help you achieve your growth goals.  Technology can not substitute the value of human intuition and interaction.  Stratamatica's professional services solutions will help you deploy fundamentals and map impactful operating metrics against your business strategy and marketplace.

We utilize technology to help you focus on what you do best.  It's our mission to streamline and rationalize the mountains of data into convenient tools that help you make decisions when you need to.  

The combination of strategy mapping and alignment coupled with technology enables us to deliver a new continuous operating paradigm for growth companies.  

Our tools and solutions are delivered under three integrated platforms: Strategy Platform; Execution Platform; Analytics Platform.

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